Why is the ‘coworking’ modality gaining preference?

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Have you already returned to your office or are you about to? For many, the return to these workspaces is already a fact. Although, according to a study carried out by LinkedIn, almost half of Mexicans prefer a hybrid work scheme.

Helena Lopes vía Unsplash

But do they do the work from home? Or they prefer remote work from other spaces such as shared offices or cafes. According to an investigation carried out by Inmuebles24, coworking began to gain preference during the health crisis and here we tell you why.

44% of the people surveyed by LinkedIn in their study indicated that one of the main reasons they want to return to the offices is because of a change of scenery, different from that of their homes.

In this context, some companies began to offer their collaborators passes to these types of places in order to satisfy the need to work in a different environment, at least during some days of the week. This also meant lowering the cost of renting private offices for large companies.

Although the natural clients of these spaces were initially independent professionals and micro-businesses, today they have more followers among the population that still does not go to the office or define whether they will stay in a hybrid scheme or not, according to Inmuebles24.

What benefits do companies and entrepreneurs who attend coworking see?

Some of the advantages of these spaces are:

  • Save costs.

  • Expand your network, you can meet other members of companies and entrepreneurs.

  • It allows you to show what your company does to the people around you.

“The pandemic represented a great challenge for the entire business community, coworking has been the salvation of many SMEs and today it is a trend,” explains Miguel Ángel Cruz Leyva from Century 21.

What characteristics does a good coworking have to have?

According to experts, an excellent coworking must meet certain requirements, such as:

  • Shared offices.
  • Private offices with good noise isolation.
  • Different meeting rooms of various sizes.
  • Print center.
  • Virtual rooms with access to computer equipment that have a webcam, headphones and microphones.
  • Dining room.
  • Coffee shop.
  • Recreation area.
  • Excellent internet.
  • Several parking spaces.
  • 24 hour access.
  • Surveillance.

“Something very important that we cannot forget is that they have meeting rooms and a place to receive clients, something that cannot be done at home,” says Rodrigo Guízar from Quality Inmobiliaria.

“Coworking will be an excellent solution for those companies that are starting after the pandemic, especially for cost, maintenance, among other services. In addition, with regard to rental terms, although many entrepreneurs look for one-year schemes, today monthly rent is common, ”says Frida Arana Beltrán, from Aire y Acero.