Social Media For Growth: How To Create Posts That Command Attention

Social media has become the number one place for companies, entrepreneurs and just regular people to share their thoughts, and/or promote their brands. Hundred thousand posts and millions of status updates are being shared each day.


Due to this overabundance of information, social media has become very noisy. Naturally, you’ll wonder how to cut through the noise and stand out in the social media ecosystem.


The only way to stand out on social media is to rise above all the noise. People need to hear your unique voice amongst the chatter of everyone else. People need to feel like they are getting to know you and are getting something valuable from your message.


In this blog posts, I’ll give you a list of 6 tips you can implement today to make your post stand out instantly and improve your engagement.


  1. Brainstorm attention-grabbing headline


80% of readers never make it past the headline.


Your headline is your first will determine if someone will click through or not. Therefore you need to create headlines that are enticing and the best way to do that is to use attention-grabbing words with strong emotional anchors.


We call them power words. Stuff your headlines with power words and combine them with a strong structure and watch your click-through rate go through the roof.


  1. Write a captivating opening


According to FactBrowser, “B2B marketers who create great blogs generate 67% more leads per month than those who do not.” Great introductions help you accomplish that goal.


Having a killer headline alone isn’t enough to keep your readers’ attention. Instead; hook your readers with a juicy opening that keeps them intrigued.


There are many ways to write a great opening paragraph, including stating something surprising or shocking. Keep your hook short and to the point to keep the reader wanting more.


  1. Use eye-catching videos


Video creation matters. 72 percent of marketers in the U.S. who use Twitter are confident in their ability to create videos to connect with customers.


On social media, videos have a higher click through rate and get shared a lot more than just plain content.


A well-executed video provides a powerful learning tool for your blog readers and helps engage your audience.


The good thing is that creating a short eye-catching video has become so easy that you can make one yourself nowadays.


  1. Use images that speak to viewers


Articles with images get 94% more total views.


Before people read your headlines, they’ll see your image. Your image is the front door to your content so it needs to be impactful.


Good images stand out from the crowd and command attention in people’s news feeds.


The image you choose should express the idea of your blog post, evoke emotions and tell a story. Your image should intrigue your audience to read the entire story.


You can easily get beautiful images on pexels and pixabay or make it fun with a gif or a meme.


  1. Color communicates, use it wisely


In a study titled “Impact of color on marketing,” researchers found that up to 90% of snap judgments made about products can be based on color alone, depending on the product.


Color plays a crucial role when marketing online; remember humans are visual creatures. This is why brands that make the best color choices are the ones that get the most engagement on social media.


The trick here is to use your brand’s color in all your social media images. Not only will this tactic make your brand color stand out in people’s news feed but your followers will also immediately recognize you.


  1. Use emotion to connect with your audience


Campaigns with strong emotional content performs twice as well (31% vs. 16%) as those with only rational content.


We like to believe that we are logical beings, but the truth is we are strongly governed by our emotions. Images on social media often trigger an array of emotions be it happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, etc.


If emotion is the force that drives us, why not connect with your readers on an emotional level? Why not create social media images that immediately trigger intense emotions in your reader?


People love to read about good things, so share good things with your followers. Portray a friendly, happy brand that is helpful and generous, and people will be drawn to your posts.




Having your social media become a magnet of attention is no easy feat. Think carefully about each element of your social media posts, including your headline, the images, colours as all of this help attract followers that will connect with you on an emotional level and create a conversation.


Have you tried any of these tactics to improve your social media posts? Please let me know in the comments below.


Emily Burnett


She is the Content Marketing Specialist of OnSource. Outside of catching up on the latest business trends, Emily enjoys spending her time going to the beach and hanging out with friends.

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