Apple subscription news service would reportedly split revenue 50-50

Jason Lee | Reuters

Apple CEO Tim Cook attends the annual session of China Development Forum (CDF) 2018 at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing, China March 26, 2018.

Apple is planning an all-you-can-read subscription news service in partnership with publishers, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. Apple would bundle news content from across media outlets then keep about half the revenue, the report says.

The service would be a quick way to monetize Apple’s News app and would likely bolster the company’s services revenue at a time when hardware sales are slowing. But it’ll be a tricky sale for news publishers who are increasingly facing tighter profit margins.

The plan would involve a paid tier of the Apple News app that would cost about $10 per month and include news stories that are currently hidden behind publishers’ paywalls. Apple would keep half of the fees, and the other half would be divided among publishers based on how much time readers spent reading each outlet, the report says.

The deal would offer publishers significantly less than they make through their own subscription services today. For instance, The Wall Street Journal charges more than $20 a month for various digital subscriptions.

Apple is also developing a new video service, CNBC reported in October. The company has been shifting toward recurring revenue schemes as iPhone sales shrink. Goldman Sachs separately this week said a bundle could drive growth in Apple’s services segment.

Read the full Wall Street Journal report.

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