Tesla releases driving mode for racetracks on Model 3 Performance cars

Tesla has rolled out a special driving mode for its Model 3 Performance cars, specifically designed for high-performance driving and racing.

The change further establishes the Performance version of the Model 3 as a car meant to be driven on racetracks in competitions or by enthusiasts.

Cars typically have stability and traction control systems that keep the car from sliding under different conditions — such as when it makes a tight turn. But sometimes drivers want to be able to slide just a bit when they enter a turn — it can actually improve speed.

Tesla said it has replaced the typical driving system that keeps tires from skidding through turns with its own in-house “Vehicle Dynamics Controller,” which improves performance on a track when Track Mode is engaged. The car’s driving mode can be changed with a switch of a button.

The electric car maker said the system uses inputs to allow the car to slide just as much as a driver wants in a turn. It bases its adjustments on the driver’s behavior. If the car is not sliding enough, it will send power to the rear wheels. If it is sliding too much, it will send a power to the front wheels to straighten the vehicle out.

Here is what it looks like:

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