Luxury brands’ Instagram likes could be crucial for stock-picking

The “customer journey,” from someone browsing social channels to making a purchase, an activity that marketers spend a lot of time tracking, could also be shorter than expected for luxury brands.

As well as looking at historical data, UBS analyzed 25 European luxury brands’ Instagram accounts over September, known as “fashion month,” when designers present their collections on New York, London, Milan and Paris runways for the following spring/summer season, noting that it does not include data for the full Paris fashion week, which ran from September 25 to October 2.

Gucci had 14.5 million likes in September, with an average of 164,200 likes per post, followed by Dior with 9.3 million likes and 63,000 likes per post.

Rolex, meanwhile, had fewer Instagram likes in September (1.1 million), but came second in the likes-per-post measure, with 112,800. Versace got 6.4 million likes, with an average of 626,000 likes per post.

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