Buy Becton Dickinson ‘literally tomorrow’

Becton Dickinson and Co.: “Becton Dickinson is a company I really like. I think Becton Dickinson is a buy here. If I had to buy 100 shares, I’d buy 25 tomorrow. Literally, tomorrow. A lot of people think it’s a head-and-shoulders pattern; I think it’s fine.”

Conagra Brands: “The company issued a lot of equity today at $35.25. [The stock] spiked to $36.25. This is to get the Pinnacle deal done. And then it came back to $35. I like the stock. Call me a buyer.”

Caterpillar Inc.: “It’s neither here nor there. Look, if things keep heating up with China trade, it’s obviously going to go lower. I think it’s a good company – no edge right here.”

Fireeye Inc.: “Fireeye’s right. We just spoke to Fireeye. Unfortunately, Fireeye’s business is connected with North Korea, Russia and China, and those three guys are still coming at us with everything they have. That’s why I like Fireeye.”

Loxo Oncology: “The problem is that there are incredibly high-quality stocks that are just down massively today. We’ve got some high-quality biotechs that are down big. I’ve got to tell you, I do prefer them, but you know what? I’m never going to say no to someone who wants to do some speculation provided they know it’s speculating.”

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.: “No. I’m not recommending any stocks in China. Not when we’re having a trade tussle, a trade skirmish, a trade war, a cold war, whatever.”