Businesses Must Make ‘Continual Investments’ to Improve Workplace Wellbeing

A recent survey has found that nearly half of business leaders in the UK are suffering from ongoing work-related stress, putting pressure on their health and wellbeing.


The research, carried out by Vistage, found that 40% of bosses carry stress from work into their personal lives and almost 30% regularly work through illness rather than taking time off to recuperate. 


At a time where stress, depression or anxiety accounts for 40% of work-related ill health and almost half of working days lost in this country, it has never been more important to embrace the importance of workplace wellbeing for yourself and your employees. Here East Midlands Vistage Chair and business coach, Chris Everard, gives his advice on how to reduce stress and improve health within the workplace and beyond.


“For any workplace to be effective, it needs to really understand what wellbeing means for them, their colleagues and any stakeholders. It is not a list of dos and don’ts, there is no rulebook to ensuring your employees are healthy and happy – it’s about leadership behaviours and the acknowledgement that everyone, at some time, will need a flexible approach to their work to accommodate periods of disruption.


“Wellbeing mostly comes down to a person’s key relationships – both inside and outside of work. Having genuine respect for one another is key but there also must be an acknowledgement that conflict and disagreements are a healthy indicator of a vibrant and passionate team – they are part of business success!


“Ensuring the health and happiness of your team should be a continual investment for your business to provide a workplace that allows everyone to perform at their maximum. Most importantly, there should be total clarity around expectations, communications and outcomes to help reduce stress and unnecessary pressure on employees.


“And finally, lead by example. As a boss, if you prioritise your wellbeing and health at work, it becomes the norm for your whole organisation. Seeking advice and support from within your workplace or externally, through a group such as Vistage, is one of the most effective ways of lessening the burden of responsibility and ensure you’re working at your best.”


Vistage is the world’s largest provider of private advisory groups for business owners, CEO’s and executives, with over 21,000 members worldwide. The organisation brings together like-minded business leaders to share their expertise, discuss business practices and overcome personal and professional challenges – led and supported by a network of Vistage Chairs.

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