STEAMhouse hosts…Talk Shop: Driverless Cars

driverless cars

Are driverless cars a good thing? Will they help people who find it hard to drive? How soon will they be here? Will they reduce congestion and pollution? Will I need to own a car at all?

5th September, 6-8pm

Talkshop is a new way of discussing and reaching agreement about the issues and tricky questions that really matter to us all – locally, nationally and internationally. Talkshop is about making sure that everyone has a voice in the matters that concern them – so that democracy works for everyone.

Facilitated by Perry Walker, one of the four founders of Talk Shop, this event is part of Nesta’s Everyone Makes Innovation Policy programme. Perry is a Fellow both of the New Economics Foundation, where he used to run a programme on democracy and participation, and of Involve, where he used to be a trustee.

Conversations will be built around a discussion kit designed to engage the public on complex policy issues. Talk Shop will provide kits for anyone attending who would like one. The kits are free, all they ask is that you use them by the end of October and return a feedback form with your conclusions. Your results will be part of an overall report to the Department for Transport and other stakeholders.

Join the debate, play with the kit, change the future.

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Why come to this event?

  • Change the future with your input
  • Network with like-minded creative thinkers

Who should come to this event?

  • Future gazers and those interested in benefitting society
  • Creative thinkers
  • Technologists, engineers and data-heads
  • Everyone: the goal is to gather public opinion to shape the future


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