Workers want employer help with retirement planning, study shows

For example, 81 percent of workers like the idea of companies automatically enrolling workers in their 401(k) plan, the study found. However, just 22 percent of employers provide the feature. The biggest reason cited for not offering it is concern about employee resistance.

Additionally, most employers assume that workers don’t want to give thought to retirement until they’re on the verge of leaving the work force. In contrast, just 40 percent of employees say the same.

The study also showed that many employees want to be able to ease into retirement either via part-time work or by shifting to a less demanding position. Yet just 20 percent of companies have a formal program in place to facilitate a phased-in retirement.

At the same time, 70 percent of companies consider themselves “aging-friendly,” compared with 56 percent of workers who feel that way.

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