Campaigner Continues UK Tour #PayIn30Days

Tony Robinson OBE - Micro Business Champion

Tony Robinson OBE, the Micro Business Champion and co-founder of the annual #MicroBizMatters Day announces the next two dates and venues for his one hour show. He has campaigned for over 20 years that Government should not contract with, licence or fund any organisation which does not #PayIn30Days all its bills. In the summer of 2017, Robinson started touring the UK to champion #PayIn30Days and other ‘survive and thrive’ actions for micro business owners and those who support them.

Robinson says “Carillion is the latest example of hundreds of large organisations which Government contract with that make money out of giving their suppliers 45, 60, 75, 90 and 120 days ‘take it or leave it’ payment terms. Carillion’s terms were 120 days. Down the line these unfair terms and late payment practices, which micro business owners cannot afford to complain about, kill enterprise.

Can the UK Government do more?

Tens of billions of pounds could be circulating over 40 days faster amongst the 5.5 million microenterprises in the UK if the Government took the lead on this by procurement criteria on all organisations it contracts, licences or funds in the private, public or third sector. More importantly, good and fair cash flow would help avoid the crippling debt most micro business owners incur through loans, factoring, invoice discounting and credit cards in order to get by whilst they await payment for goods and services they’ve delivered.”

Robinson added “The Labour Party did include #PayIn30Days in its last General Election manifesto and there are many local, regional and national business memberships organisations getting their members to sign up for #PayIn30Days. Our annual #MicroBizMatters Day is supported by every national small business membership body in the UK. These are all steps forward but you can imagine that after 20 years of campaigning on this I’m getting impatient and angrier. I’ve seen scores of ‘lip service’ Government enquiries, reviews, complaints legislation, prompt payment codes, commissioners, tsars and champions which all maintain the status quo by relying on the fact that business owners cannot afford to complain about their biggest customers. Microbusiness owners are already being ripped off on utility charges, telecom, broadband, rail fares, payroll costs, legislation compliance and business rates and, so, #PayIn30Days is a must.

Let’s Get Enterprising – Micro Myths and Magic Show

As they can’t complain, those that can have to shout louder and enable an army of our informal, free, no contact details required #MicroBizMatters movement to broadcast the #PayIn30Days campaign as widely as possible. That’s why I’m on a never-ending UK tour of business conferences and exhibitions because our social media reach is powerful but so is word of mouth.”

The ‘Let’s Get Enterprising – Micro Myths and Magic Show’ next two dates, for prospective and existing business owners and all who support them, are at the Landmark Theatre in Ilfracombe, North Devon on Friday, April 20th and Tuesday, May 15th at Newcastle Start Up Week.

Tony Robinson OBE

Co-founder #MicroBizMatters Day, SFEDI Group and IOEE Founder and Co-Owner, Patron John Cracknell Youth Enterprise Bank and Director, Yorkshire in Business.

Tel: 07715 749079


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